niñA o'brien

Niña is a lifelong dancer with a love for movement. She feels there is nothing like connecting the body, mind, and spirit as a way to invest in yourself. Since earning her B.A. in Dance Performance & Choreography, she has worked as a children’s dance instructor at local schools in the Bay Area. Niña has also been a personal trainer since 2011, with certifications including the National Exercise Sports and Trainers Association, National Council on Strength & Fitness, Pilates Mat by Balanced Body, BarreYoga, Nike Training Club, and TRX. With experience teaching both one-on-one and group fitness, Niña is able to mold her classes to benefit each individual by presenting positive challenges and overcoming them together.


Jodi has been a fitness enthusiast her entire life, participating in a huge variety of activities that include dance, tae kwon do, kickboxing, yoga, and cycling. She left the corporate world behind to join the fitness industry as a full-time career. Jodi now works as a spin instructor and is a RockSalt Certified Pilates Instructor, having trained directly with RockSalt founder, Adrian Ramirez. She lives by the simple motto of "No challenge, no change” – embracing the fact that it’s never too late to make positive changes and to live life to its fullest. Through her fitness instructing, she wants to encourage others to do the same.


Jaemie has been a group fitness instructor for over 20 years. Her fitness certifications include AFAA and SCHWINN, among others from the health care industry. After graduating from CSU Chico with a degree in Kinesiology, she worked as the Athletic and PE Director for a local private school while continuing to teach group classes, including cycle, bootcamp, body sculpt, and step. Her fun and friendly approach to working out invites all levels of exercisers to achieve their personal best!


Marisa is a lifelong fitness enthusiast, with Triathlons being a part of her life since 2001 when she first started competing in endurance events. It was then that she discovered the balance between the multi-sport lifestyle and injury prevention through Yoga, Pilates and Barre fitness. Marisa is a certified personal trainer and cycling instructor, and former Barre instructor. She is a Vanderkitten Athletics VIP and Soas Racing Brand Ambassador. In 2014, Marisa continued her pursuit to inspire groups of all ages by becoming the Community Coach of the Love To Move Peninsula all women's triathlon team and Head Coach of the Arbor Bay School Mini Mermaid Running Club for youth girls. Marisa loves to see people challenge themselves physically and mentally in pursuit of their goals.


Nancy found Pilates in 2012 to deal with the stress of finishing her last year of her PhD. For Nancy, Pilates was the perfect way to relax her body and mind after all those hours spent sitting at a desk finishing her dissertation. Little did she know that after finishing grad school, she found more of a connection to Pilates than to academia. She went on to work on her certification through Balanced Body University. Nancy hopes to share her love of upbeat, challenging classes with everyone who comes to see her in the studio!


After leaving his corporate job at the Disney Corporation to pursue a career he was devoted to and passionate about, Adrian Ramirez transferred his skills to the Fitness industry. Following an injury, he was pulled to Pilates’ ability to heal and transform one’s body. Trained by master Pilates instructor Ivon Dahl, Adrian earned his certification as a Pilates Instructor to bring the practice’s power to more people.
Ramirez brings his entrepreneurial skills, devoted passion and years of expertise into his two RockSalt studios and each of his revolutionary Pilates classes. His clients are his biggest inspiration – he believes that everyone can achieve fitness goals that they never thought possible. This has become his drive in expanding RockSalt. With a growing following, the studios are renowned for their innovative take on Pilates. Adrian Ramirez currently operates two RockSalt Fitness studios in San Carlos and San Mateo, offering uniquely designed classes where clients enjoy a fun and motivating fitness environment while building better versions of themselves. Expansion will soon follow throughout the Bay Area.



Christine has had a lifelong passion for fitness, beginning as a runner in high school. While always committed to improving her own health, she eventually decided to make it her career out of a desire to help others reach their personal fitness goals. Certified by the Aerobics Fitness Association of America, Christine has taught a variety of group exercise classes including indoor cycling, boot camp, body pump, cardio kickboxing, and mat pilates. She firmly believes that maintaining a diverse workout regimen that is consistently challenging will yield results and is excited to bring this philosophy to the RockSalt team.